AY16/17 August Batch FYP

FYP Calendar
List of Projects on display at BME website/email to students 24-Jun-16
Submission of 8 choices by students 8-Jul-16
List of successfully allocated projects on display-Round 1 15-Jul-16
Re-allocation of untaken projects for students without projects- Round 2 20-Jul-16
Display of final allocated projects 21-Jul-16
Start of FYP 8-Aug-16
Progress report submission (to supervisor/s) 3-Oct-16
Preliminary Oral Exam 1 10-Oct-16
Progress report submission (to supervisor/s & examiner) 9-Jan-17
Preliminary Oral Exam 2 16-Jan-17
End of FYP 13-Mar-17
Draft report submission (to supervisor/s) 27-Mar-17
Typed unbound/ring bound thesis submission (to supervisor/s & examiner/s) 10-Apr-17
FYP Final Poster Presentation 10-May-17
Thesis submission (to supervisor/s) 22-May-17

Lecture Series on Research Methodology: