Research Engineers

Ms. Shruthi Suresh

Shruthi Suresh

Ms. Suresh received her B.Eng in Electrical Engineering in 2013 from NUS and worked as a Research Engineer at the EI Lab from August 2013 to December 2014. Her research focused on the use of EEG signals to distinguish between various states of anxiety, pain, and other emotions. She has also worked on other bioelectronic sensors to aid in the process of rehabilitation. She enjoys running, reading and programming.

Undergraduate students

Ms. Denise Eng Kai Ying

Denise Eng Kai Ying (AY 15/16)

Denise was an FYP student working on the topic of "Next-Generation Robotic Sock for Robot-Assisted Ankle Dorsiflexion-Plantarflexion and Supination-Pronation Exercises". This project involves developing a rehabilitative sock with the use of soft pneumatic actuators to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis in stroke patients. In her free time, Denise enjoys doing outdoor activities and sports such as running and rock-climbing.

Ms. Koh Tze Hui

Koh Tze Hui (AY 15/16)

Tze Hui was an FYP student working on the topic of “Myoelectric Soft Robotic Elbow Sleeve”. Her work focuses on the development of an elbow sleeve capable of helping with elbow flexion and extension for support and rehabilitation purposes, and the incorporation of myoelectric capabilities into the device as a more natural mode of control. Outside of academics, her areas of interest have always revolved around technology, books, music and origami.

Mr. Ng Hui Yong

Ng Hui Yong (AY 15/16)

Hui Yong was an FYP student working on the topic of "3D-Printed Soft Robotic Brace for Wrist Rehabilitation”. His work explores the use of a 3D printer to directly print out pneumatic actuators that are used for the rehabilitation of the wrist. Apart from that, he is a big fan of manga and anime, along some model kit making.

Mr. Muhammad Amzar

Muhammad Amzar (AY 15/16)

Amzar was an FYP student working on the topic of “Inflatable Wrist Protection device”. His work explores the use of inflatable actuators in order to develop a device that can reduce the risk of the wrist fractures amongst the elderly during the case of a fall. He enjoys discovering new insights from different fields of study, and enjoys learning the art of photography as a hobby.

Mr. Yeo Guang Wei

Yeo Guang Wei (AY 15/16)

Guang Wei was an FYP student working on "Bluetooth-enabled Soft Robotic Sock for Ankle Rehabilitation". His work deals in the relatively new area of soft robotics, particularly in their benefit towards stroke patients and integrating it with wireless technology that will enable better management of the rehabilitation process. He enjoys observing and being inspired by the simple day to day occurrences, jotting down ideas, languages in general and gaming.

Ms. Vanessa Mak

Vanessa Mak (AY 14/15)

Vanessa was a FYP student working on the topic of "Equine Biomechanics during Racing and Limping". Her work explored the use of wearable sensors which were used to measure joint kinematics and detect presence of limping in horses.

Mr. Tan Hong Han

Tan Hong Han (AY 14/15)

Hong Han was an FYP student working on the topic of "Understanding Three-pointer Biomechanics in Basketball". His work aimed to improve player performance of 3-point shots by using a customised wearable brace that is capable of actively actuating the upper limb and lower limb into an optimised posture for training purposes.

Michelle Chee

(AY 14/15)

Ng Rui Jie

(AY 14/15)

Thor Vei Jye

(AY 14/15)

Rachel Ng

(AY 13/14)


(AY 13/14)

Simeon Choo

(AY 13/14)


(AY 13/14)


(AY 13/14)

Visiting Fellows

Dr. Matthew Chua

Matthew Chua, Ph.D.

Dr. Matthew was a Research Fellow at the Evolution Innovation Lab from November 2015 to June 2016. He obtained his Ph.D. from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015. His interest lies in the research of biomimetic soft robots for rehabilitation and organ replacement. He is also an internationally renowned opera singer. Currently, he is a Lecturer and Consultant at Medical & Cybernetics Systems, Institute of Systems Science.

Ms. Liu Yuchun

Liu Yuchun, Ph.D.

Yuchun was a Research Fellow from the Department of Medicine in the National University of Singapore (NUS). Her passion lies in clinical needs discovery, engineering innovative and practical solutions as well as entrepreneurship. She enjoys doing the ground-work and finds insights through talking to more people, understanding their needs and challenges, and seeing how these different perspectives shape the way the innovation will eventually be designed. Yuchun also finds great joy in getting her hands dirty during prototype design and engineering. She is a firm believer that "there is no failure, only feedback" and is receptive to feedback for further improvement to suit customer needs.

Andrew Mao

(JHU Summer Intern)

Erica Schwarz

(JHU Summer Intern)

David Yeung

(CUHK Summer Intern)

Xin Li

(Summer Intern)