Our laboratory collaborates extensively with world leading groups in ophthalmology, imaging, cardiology, and biomechanics. Our collaborations are international and our collborators come from France, UK, USA, Korea, Australia, and of course Singapore. We believe maintaining international collaborations is crucial for us to perform the best possible research. We are more than happy to collaborate with various research groups, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested!


Nicholas Strouthidis, MD, PhD

Collaboration: In vivo biomechanics of the optic nerve head

Jean Martial Mari, PhD

collaboration: Ultrasound and optical coherence tomography

Tin Aung, MD, PhD

Collaboration: Clinical glaucoma

Sung Chul Park, MD, PhD

Collaboration: Lamina cribrosa enhancement in human eyes

Ross Ethier, PhD

Collaboration: Scleral and laminar microstrutcure using small angle light scattering

Julie Albon, PhD

Collaboration: Scleral and laminar microstructure using second harmonic imaging and small angle light scattering

Nicolas Foin, PhD

Collaboration: Atherosclerosis plaque enhancement using optical coherence tomography

Ian Sigal, PhD

Collaboration: Optic nerve head biomechanics