Research Grant Funding


Title Applicants Grantor Amount Period
Optic Nerve Head Deformations Induced By Horizontal Eye Movements: An Exploratory Study in Normal and Glaucoma Eyes Using MRI Girard (PI), Milea, Mani, Perera, Rumpel, Wang, Lim, Nongpiur, Aung SERI Pilot Grant S$9,340 07.2015–07.2016
Using Biomechanics to Predict Vision Loss Progression: A Longitudinal Study in Humans and Monkeys Girard (PI), Aung, Baskar, Strouthidis (Collaborators) NUS Young Investigator Award S$500,000 03.2014–03.2017
Singapore Angle Closure Glaucoma Program: Characterization, Prevention, and Management Aung (PI), Girard (co-I) NMRC-STAR S$5,000,000 08.2014–08.2018
Next-generation Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging for the Cornea and Anterior Segments of the Eye Ang (PI), Girard (co-I) NMRC-NIG S$195,829 07.2015–07.2017
The Mechanical Role of Optic Nerve Head Microstructure in Glaucoma and Myopia Girard (PI), Albon, Ethier (Collaborators) MOE Tier 1 S$180,000 03.2014–03.2017
Identification of Novel Morphological Biomarkers for Glaucoma Girard (PI), Cheng (PI), Aung (PI) NUS Cross-Faculty Grant S$25,000 03.2014–03.2016
Methods and Apparatus for Enhancing Sensitivity of Optical Coherence Tomography Liu (PI), Girard (Collaborator) NRF POC S$248,100 09.2013–09.2014
Towards a Biomechanically-based Diagnosis for Glaucoma Girard (PI), Strouthidis (Collaborator) MOE Tier 1 S$179,992 07.2012–06.2015
In vivo corneal biomechanics: a biomarker for glaucoma? Girard (PI), Strouthidis (co-I) American Health Assistance Foundation – National Glaucoma Research Award US$100,000 07.2011–06.2014
Identification of early predictors of axonal damage in glaucoma Albon (PI), Girard (co-I) American Health Assistance Foundation – National Glaucoma Research Award US$100,000 07.2011–07.2013
Optic nerve head changes in the progression of glaucomatous optic neuropathy using 1 μm OCT Albon (PI), Collaborator (Girard) Fight for Sight – Small Grant Award Scheme £15,000 01.2011–01.2012
Engineering tools for novel diagnosis and risk profiling in glaucoma: Assessment of optic nerve head biomechanics in vivo Girard (PI), Strouthidis (Co-I) Imperial College Junior Research Fellowship £153,156 09.2010–06.2012