What Our Students Say

For the past two years, it has been a really eye-opening roller coaster journey. It can be said that studying in the course of Biomedical Engineering, you are exposed to many different facets of what it means to be an engineer in the medical industry. When it was said that Biomedical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary course, the significance of the statement did not really sink in until you undergo the varied and multi-faceted aspects of the course. If you do have an interest in this field of engineering, you will be given the tools and given multiple opportunities to explore your interests in the field. Myself having been given the opportunity to go ZheJiang University, from NUS's close relationship with the university. From which, I obtained a number of insightful experiences especially some which we might not be able to obtain locally elsewhere. Being a student of two years in Biomedical Engineering is a truly enriching journey and brings out the international experience in a global university.

LEE Ji Chao Tristan (Undergraduate)

Over the past 2 years, BME had really given me a very fulfilling and enriching experience. When I first entered BME, I barely knew anyone, and I felt very lost in a new environment. However, as time passed, new bonds were forged, and as of now, 2 years later, I can safely say that I feel very home to the BME family. Classmates are very helpful and friendly, so are the lecturers and professors. The BN modules are also very interesting too. Career wise, choose BME if you wish to take up a profession that involves in dealing with health related engineering issues, and to make a difference in people's life.

LEONG Wai Leong (Undergraduate)

As a final year PhD student, I am truly glad that I have chosen to do my graduate studies with the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Not only am I part of an established and vibrant research environment, the support that I have received from the graduate programme over the years has well prepared me professionally for a career in science. This includes support to attend international conferences for exposure and networking purposes, and opportunities to foster my mentoring skills with undergraduate and attachment students. It has been an intellectually stimulating journey thus far, and I am always grateful for the guidance and mentorship I have received myself from the various staff and colleagues in the department.

Neo Puay Yong (Graduate)

At NUS, I was accepted into the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship programme at the California Institute of Technology during my third year of studies. I enjoyed my 4 years in the faculty, the multidisciplinary nature of Biomedical Engineering is intellectually stimulating. The experience helped stretched my mind, which I find beneficial in my professional career.

LIN Qinghui (Alumni)
Assistant Director
Healthcare Financing Division,
Ministry of Health

Biomedical Engineering undergraduate programme has given me a broad based education by exposing me to a multitude of disciplines, such as biochemistry, cell biology, electronics, biosensors, material science and mechanics. It was interesting to learn how the principles in engineering, life science and medicine interacted with one another to solve problems that are relevant to the human health. This course has prepared me well for my career, at the same time I also make good friends who went on to build career in life science or medical related industries.

NG Kian Siang David (Alumni)
Patent Engineer

In selecting an engineering major at NUS, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to be trained as a Biomedical Engineer. While Biomedical Engineering is often considered a rather nascent engineering discipline, an individual trained in this field will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to bridge the bench from the bedside, and serve to advance the technological aspects of medicine. As an alumnus of NUS Biomedical Engineering, I can only say that the education and support I received as an undergraduate made me discover my interest in this field, and truly inspired my passion for research. I am truly thankful for the education and mentorship by the faculty I have interacted with, and would not be where I am today without the support.

FONG Eliza (Alumni)