Graduate Coursework modules

Unless otherwise indicated, each graduate module listed consists of 39 hours of lecture and is assigned 4 modular credits. To complete coursework requirements, the MEng candidate is to read 4 modules while the PhD candidate is required to read 6 modules from the following or otherwise as approved:

Students may also read relevant modules offered by other Departments and Faculties. These are subject to the approval of their supervisors and the Head of Department.

Click here for more information of the Graduate modules description and its pre-requisites offered by the department of Biomedical Engineering.

Modules Cross-Faculty Electives
BN5101 Engineering Principles in Medicine I BL5201 Structural Biology and Proteomics
BN5102 Engineering Principles in Medicine II BL5202 - Biophysical Methods in Life Sciences
BN5104 Quantitative Physiology Principles in Bioengineering BL5204 - Current Trends in Biotechnology
BN5201 Advanced Biomaterials BL5216 Advanced Genetics and Genome Sciences
BN5202 Cell, Tissue and Body Mechanics BL5224 Special Topics in Biological Sciences
BN5203 Advanced Tissue Engineering MDG5101 Advanced Cell Biology
BN5205 Computational Biomechanics MDG5102 Techniques in Biomedical Research
BN5207 Medical Imaging Systems MDG5205 Neuroscience
BN5208 Regulatory & Bioethical Issues ME 6301 Viscoelasticity
BN5209 Neurosensors and Signal Processing ME 5302 Computational Fluid Mechanics
BN5210 Biosensors and Biochips PC5213 Advanced Biophysics
BN5501 The Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Process PR5216 Advanced Drug Delivery
BN5999 Graduate Seminars  
BN6999 Doctoral Seminars