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PhD Candidate

Project Title: Modeling and Analysis of Vascular Flow during Procedures in Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases

Narrowing of the coronary arteries due to the deposition of lipid-rich substance (atherosclerosis plaque) in the arterial wall leads to chest pain, ischemia and can result in sudden occlusion of the arteries (heart attack), a lethal condition if not rapidly treated, and which remains one of the largest causes of death worldwide. The National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) is the largest centre for treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Singapore with over 100,000 cardiovascular outpatient visits and over 3000 operations every year. Medical Technologies play a large role in diagnostic, monitoring and rehabilitation of patients with heart diseases.

This project aims is to develop models to evaluate the impact of arterial disease and interventions on coronary artery flow environment. It will involve analyzing data from imaging acquired during clinical coronary intervention (stent implantation) procedures to develop and validate models. The successful PhD candidate will interact with clinicians and scientists/ engineers to drive this specific research and development project. Our research focus is primarily on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases using minimally invasive approaches. The project will be carried out mainly with the National Heart Research Institute Singapore (Outram Park) and the Biomedical Engineering department of NUS. During the course of his project, the successful candidate is expected to acquire extensive experience in clinical cardiology terminology as well as in medical technology and imaging.

Student Requirements:
1) Strong interests and enthusiasm for cardiovascular clinical research
2) Degree in Bioengineering or Mechanical Engineering preferred
3) Experience in CFD/FEA modelling or research preferred

Interested candidate, please apply through our scholarships.

Dr. Nicolas Foin (NHCS) | Email:
Dr. Leo Hwa Liang (NUS) | Email: