Biofluid Mechanics Research Laboratory


A/Prof. LEO Hwa Liang


Ph.D. (Bioengineering) Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005

M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001

M.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) Nanyang Technological University, 2000

B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) Leeds University, 1996

Appointment Status:

Associate Professor


Department of Biomedical Engineering


Faculty of Engineering,

Block EA, #03-12, 9 Engineering Drive 1,
Singapore 117576.

Office: E2-02-20

Lab: E3-05-18

Phone: +65-6516-5608

Fax: +65-6872-3069


Research Interest:

• Computational and experimental biofluid mechanics

• Heart valve engineering

• Artificial liver device

• In vitro drug screening platform


Selected Publications

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