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The Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Ultrasound Laboratory (PI: Yap Choon Hwai) focuses on two functionally related areas: 1) Pre-natal cardiovascular biomechanics; and 2) Medical Ultrasound Technology.

We are interested in investigating the role that mechanical forces play in normal foetal development of the cardiovascular system, and the role that abnormal mechanical forces may play in causing congenital cardiovascular malformations. Our long term goal is to develop sufficient understanding of this relationship between mechanical forces and cardiovascular development to enable design of novel foetal surgical tools and techniques for the treatment of congenital anatomic malformations. Foetal surgery holds the promise of tapping into the regenerative ability of foetuses for the treatment of congenital malformations.


Our second interest is in applying new ultrasound techniques for the evaluation and treatment of foetuses and adult heart diseases. Currently, ultrasound is the preferred technique of imaging foetuses. We are interested in incorporating new developments in ultrasound technology to aid the non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of foetal cardiovascular malformations. We are also interested in developing new ultrasound techniques to improve current methods for evaluating adult heart valve diseases. 


News and Events


The Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Ultrasound Laboratory (PI: Yap Choon Hwai) has been awarded the Yamaguchi Medal for the “Cardiovascular Biomechanics” section at the 2015 Asia-Pacific Conference on Biomechanics in Sapporo. Congratulations to Dr. Raye Yeow also, for receiving the same award for the “Gait and Kinesiology” section.

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