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Position Vacancy


The Yap Lab is seeking motivated individuals with a passion for research in Biomechanics and Medical Ultrasound. The Lab aims to have a good balance between research productivity and student mentoring / career development.

OPEN POSITION: Research Engineer (Biomedical Devices) in the Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Ultrasound Laboratory, NUS.

Job description: We are looking for highly-motivated individuals with a passion for biomedical sciences to assist in performing novel development work in medical devices

The targeted medical device is a novel thermal blanket for pediatric surgery, which uses nanotechnology to enhance thermal properties. Anticipated work include prototyping, bench-testing, as well as animal studies. You will work closely with pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Lee Shuying on this project to gain a strong clinical component to your work.

You may stand a chance to join the NUS PhD programme and concurrently pursue a PhD degree during your work in our lab.


Bachelors or equivalent in Engineering (Mechanical / Biomedical / Material Science / Chemical); and experience with medical device prototyping.

Starting Date: Feb 2017 or earlier

Salary: Competitive salary package will be offered in accordance to the candidate’s ability and experience level.

Duration: 6 months, with a possibility of renewal (up to 2 years) upon satisfactory performance.

Interested candidates, please a detailed CV to Dr. Yap at


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To perform a PhD in our laboratory, students may apply for scholarships. Please contact us before submission of your application as we will be able to advise you about the process.

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International students can also apply for a Singapore International Graduate Award (AWARD)

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Students can also apply for PhD Scholarship linked to excellent foreign colleges in where 2 years will be spent at the foreign college and 2 years at NUS. Please contact us before starting an application.


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The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers M.Eng degree (Graduate Studies by research). Please contact us before submission and we will be able to advise you about the process.

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