Unfit Release Notes

Release 3.0 (August, 2014)

  • Introduction of Particle Swarm algorithm.
  • Improved GenericOptimizer that collates and provides common functionality.
  • Experimental support for multi-threaded execution using C++11 futures.
  • All unit tests and examples have been grouped into suites.

Release 2.1 (November, 2013)

  • Introduction of Genetic algorithm.
  • Introduction of Differential Evolution algorithm.

Release 2.0-beta (June, 2013)

  • Introduction of Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
  • There was a change in the interface of GenericCostFunction. The overloaded operator () now has to return a vector of residuals defined as the difference between the experimental data and your model equation.

Release 1.1 (August, 2012)

  • Significant code refactoring, with addition of GenericOptimizer class. Improved testing.

Release 1.0 (June, 2012)

  • First release of Unfit with working Nelder-Mead algorithm for minimisation problems.