Graduate Certificate in Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs


1. Q:
I am a working adult and it may be difficult for me to be physically present during every tutorial. In such instances, can I attend the lesson remotely or via on-line platforms? If this is allowed, how will my attendance be taken?
Yes, for each tutorial, you will be able to attend the lesson on-line. During each on-line session, you will also be able to interact with the instructiors. We will be able to take your attendance as the system would allow us to extract a report of a list of students who have logged in for the session.
2. Q:
Will there be any attendance requirement to successfully complete the program?
NUS guidelines state at least 75% attendance is required.
3. Q:
Are deferments allowed during the program?
Deferments will only be considered on medical grounds and it will be granted on a case-by-case basis. The maximum deferment period is 1 year. However, the 3-year candidature period cannot be extended.
4. Q:
What is the refund policy?
Students who leave the University, either through withdrawal of their own accord or termination of candidature by the University, after Instructional Week 2 of the semester will be liable to pay fees for the entire semester. Requests for refund will generally not be considered.
5. Q:
If I am unable to continue in the program due to personal or work reasons, can my company send a replacement?
No replacements are allowed at any point in time.
6. Q:
Will I be allowed to apply for a Masters program after completing some of the modules for this program?
The Gradute Certificate in MDRA program is a terminal program and students are not allowed to use completed modules to get accepted or exemptions for Masters programs at NUS.
7. Q:
How will I receive the materials for the program?
You will be given access to the NUS Student Portal, which is called the NUS Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE). You will be given access before the program commences and the materials can be obtained through these platforms.
8. Q:
Will there be any job placement initiative for students?
There are no job placement activities for this programme. However, we do frequently invite the industry leaders as guest speakers and students are highly encouraged to network with them.
9. Q.
How will I be graded?
Grading will be done by the Program Examination Board and this will be in line with NUS standards and guidelines.
10. Q:
How and when will I be notified of my final result?
We will notify you via email and results will be released approximately 2 weeks after the program ends.

If you have further enquires, please contact Mr. Yeo Kun Song at