Graduate Certificate in Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs

ProgramME Structure

The programme will commence in September of each year, and will comprise four modules, offered over one calendar year.

Three of the four modules are made up of two courses each with the fourth module serving as a capstone project. Each module is three months in length, thus students complete the programme in one year. Courses within modules range in length from five to seven weeks, depending on the depth and breadth of content.

The programme is comprised of both face to face and online learning environments. The face-to-face component includes (1) tutorials and (2) intensive seminars that will range from 1-2 days in length. The online learning component will consist of (1) self-paced online courses, (2) online, asynchronous classroom activities where discussions, group exercises and other assignments will be completed.

A brief description of each of the mentioned components is as follows:
  1. Self-paced online courses: students will complete these courses on their own time to build foundational knowledge and concepts. Students are expected to complete these courses in advance of any corresponding face to face or virtual interactions.
  2. Online, asynchronous classroom activities: an asynchronous classroom activity is a web-based environment that contains pertinent information about the given course, including the course syllabus, any lecture notes and course announcements the faculty would like to make, links to resources that will support students and even student grades if the faculty wishes to use that functionality.
  3. Tutorials: these are intended to build upon what the students learned in the online environment and will cover more complex content and applied concepts. They will typically last for about 3 hours.
  4. Intensive seminars: these activities will tie together key concepts taught throughout the course and allow students to demonstrate what they have learned. As with the weekly tutorials, the format may vary, but the coverage will be deeper and more applied in nature.

Note that faculty members may also utilize webinars and live chats as they deem necessary. Each module will have a graded term paper and a final examination.

The maximum candidature period is 2 years.