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Integrated Microfluidic Biotechnology Laboratory at NUS focuses on developing integrated droplet-based microfluidic systems for performing bioassays in a high throughput manner. Millions of droplets encapsulating active materials such as bio-molecules and single cells can be generated within an integrated microfluidic platform, allowing a multitude of tests to be conducted and analyzed on a single chip

Hiring talented researchers

We are searching several postdoc research fellows (RFs) and undergraduate/master level research assistants (RAs) with background in clinical biology, cancer researches, animal experiments, biological assay, microfluidics, platform integration, analytical chemistryoptical system, microscope and image technology etc. Competitive salary could be offered. If you are interested in applying, please send your CV to Dr. Chia-Hung Chen: biecch@nus.edu.sg.


8 Mar 2019: New paper is accepted to be published in Nature Communications: “Upconversion Amplification through Dielectric Superlensing Modulation”.[link]

27 Feb 2019: New paper is accepted to be published in Small: “Remotely Controlled Transformable Soft Robot based on Engineered Cardiac Tissue Construct”.[link]

26 Feb 2019:New paper (by Yingying) is accepted to be published in IEEE Sensors Journal: “Sub-micro Particle Matter Detection for Metal 3D Printing Workshop”.[link]

1 Feb 2019: Hsu successfully completes her PhD defense presentation, and join SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) as a Research Fellow. Congratulations!

3 JAN 2019: New paper (by Hsu) is accepted to be published in Advanced Healthcare Materials: “Nano-in-Micro Smart Hydrogel Composite for a Rapid Sensitive Immunoassay”. [link]

19 DEC 2018: NRF SBP grant (PI: Dr. Chen) awarded: Plasmonic Drop-Screen of Immunoassay for Metabolic Engineering (1,506,400 SGD).

22 OCT 2018: New paper (by Guo Yun) is accepted to be published in Analytical Chemistry: “Ultrafast Single-Cell Level Enzymatic Tumor Profiling”. [link]

10 OCT 2018: New paper (by Hsu) is accepted to be published in Small: “Smart Hydrogel Microfluidics for Single-Cell Multiplexed Secretomic Analysis with High Sensitivity”. [link]

3 SEP 2018: New paper (by Dr. Chen) is published on Lab on a Chip: “Outstanding Reviewers for Lab on a Chip in 2017”. [link]

6 JUN 2018: New paper accepted for publiscation in Optics Express: “Photothermal generation of programmable microbubble array on nanoporous gold disks”. [link]

31 MAY 2018: Dr. Chen was nominated as an outstanding reviewer of Lab on a Chip in 2017. [link]

25 MAY 2018: New paper (by Song) accepted on Lab on a Chip: “Ultrahigh-throughput Droplet Microfluidic Device for Single-cell miRNA Detection with Isothermal Amplification”. [link]

19 JAN 2018: New paper (by Song) accepted on Scientific Reports: “Polymerization-Induced Phase Separation Formation of Structured Hydrogel Particles via Microfluidics for Scar Therapeutics”. [link]

21 DEC 2017: New paper (by Phan) accepted on Lab on a Chip: “Buffer-free integrative nanofluidic device for real-time continuous flow bioassays by ion concentration polarization”. [link]

15 DEC 2017: NMRC OFIRG grant (PI) awarded: Drop-Screen: A functional screening platform to investigate mechanisms of innate resistance, and metastasis for personalised therapeutic intervention.

5 AUG 2017: Vedio abstract of Duy’s paper “Effective Light Directed Assembly of Building Blocks with Microscale Control” is acessible on Youtube now. [link]

22 JUL 2017: New paper (by Tan Hongliang) accepted on Nature Communications: “Heterogeneous multi-compartmental hydrogel particles as synthetic cells for incompatible tandem reactions”. [link]

19 JUL 2017: Duy’s work (Effective Light Directed Assembly of Building Blocks with Microscale Control) was featured in  3D printer and 3D printing news (3ders.org); 3Dprint.com3dprintingindustry.com and NanoHybrid.

5 MAY 2017: NRF CRP (PI, Microfluidics theme) grant awarded: Green and Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing via Biocatalysis.

3 MAY 2017: New paper accepted by Rongcong on Biomicrofluidics: “Fast-Responsive Hydrogel as an Injectable Pump for Rapid On-demand Fluidic Flow Control”. [link]

24 MAR 2017: New paper accepted by Duy on Small: “Effective Light Directed Assembly of Building Blocks with Microscale Control”. [link]

8 FEB 2017: Tier-2 (PI) grant awarded: Injectable Wireless Micro-Device for Deep Tissue Bioassay and Therapeutics. Tier-2 (Co-PI) grant: New biotransformations with epoxide isomerase for green chemical synthesis.