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Integrated Microfluidic Biotechnology Laboratory at NUS focuses on developing integrated droplet-based microfluidic systems for performing bioassays in a high throughput manner. Millions of droplets encapsulating active materials such as bio-molecules and single cells can be generated within an integrated microfluidic platform, allowing a multitude of tests to be conducted and analyzed on a single chip



24 MAR 2017: New paper accepted by Duy on Small: “Effective Light Directed Assembly of Building Blocks with Microscale Control”. [link]

8 FEB 2017:Tier-2 (PI) grant awarded: Injectable Wireless Micro-Device for Deep Tissue Bioassay and Therapeutics. Tier-2 (Co-PI) grant: New biotransformations with epoxide isomerase for green chemical synthesis.

13 JAN 2017: New paper accepted by Hongbao on Small: “Single Upconversion Nanoparticle-Bacterium Co-Trapping for Single-Bacterium Labeling and Analysis”. [link]

31 OCT 2016: New paper accepted by Tengyang on Analytical Chemistry: “Single Cell Analysis of Leukocyte Protease Activity using Integrated Continuous-Flow Microfluidics”. [link]

19 SEP 2016: New paper accepted by Jiaqing on Advanced Healthcare Materials: “Production of Hollow Bacterial Cellulose Microspheres Using Microfluidics to Form an Injectable Porous Scaffold for Wound Healing”. [link]