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8 FEB 2017:Tier-2 (PI) grant awarded: Injectable Wireless Micro-Device for Deep Tissue Bioassay and Therapeutics. Tier-2 (Co-PI) grant: New biotransformations with epoxide isomerase for green chemical synthesis.

13 JAN 2017: New paper accepted by Hongbao on Small: “Single Upconversion Nanoparticle-Bacterium Co-Trapping for Single-Bacterium Labeling and Analysis”. [link]

31 OCT 2016: New paper accepted by Tengyang on Analytical Chemistry: “Single Cell Analysis of Leukocyte Protease Activity using Integrated Continuous-Flow Microfluidics”. [link]

19 SEP 2016: New paper accepted by Jiaqing on Advanced Healthcare Materials: “Production of Hollow Bacterial Cellulose Microspheres Using Microfluidics to Form an Injectable Porous Scaffold for Wound Healing”. [link]

10 MAR 2016: New paper published by Zeming  on Scientific Reports: “Asymmetrical deterministic lateral displacement gaps for dual functions of enhanced separation and throughput of red blood cells [link]

3 Nov 2015: New papers published by Zeming and Wang Ming on Lab on a Chip: “Electrostatic Forces Beyond Debye Length: Unprecented Dynamic and Real-Time Separation of Nanoparticles in Micro-Pore Fluidic Devices [link]

1 Oct 2015: New papers published by John and Daryl on Biosensors and Bioelectronics : “Continuous-flow C. elegans fluorescence expression analysis with real-time image processing through microfluidics”[link]

1 Oct 2015: New papers published by Rongcong and Duy on Advanced Functional Materials: “Gradient Porous Elastic Hydrogels with Shape-memory Property and Anisotropic Responses for Programmable Locomotion”[link]

12 July 2015: New papers published by Rongcong on Biomicrofluidics : “Photoresponsive Microvalve for Remote Actuation and Flow Control in Microfluidic Devices” [link ]