BME Safety page


  1. Safety & Health Policies
  2. The President has signed the NUS Safety and Health Policy and the Policies on Chemical, Radiation, BioSafety, Fire Safety and the Safety & Health Policy concerning tenants.

  3. Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines
  4. OSHE has also developed University wide safety and health procedures that staff, students and contractors are to comply with. Login to have access to SOPs. We have also released a series of guidelines that departments are strongly encouraged to adopt.

  5. Risk Assessment SOP
  6. I would like to bring your attention to the SOP for risk assessment. A risk assessment would be required for all new lab-based research or teaching projects. For non-lab based projects, a declaration by the PI to be submitted to ORE, through the HOD is required. Risk assessment form template can be found at here.

    Only the risk assessment of approved or shortlisted projects need to be submitted for review by the Institution Biosafety Committee or the Institution Lab Safety Committee through OSHE. OLS or ORE will be inform you when you are to submit the risk assessment forms. PIs are however strongly encouraged to conduct the risk assessment at the project design stage so that appropriate budget can be set aside to implement the control measures for safety, health and waste disposal.

    The SOPs can found at here and the RAs can be found here.

  7. Consultation & Advice
  8. BME Department:

    • Lab Executive Officer, Ms Dinah Tan
    • PI-In-Charge, Prof. Kim Sangho

    Faculty Safety Officer

    • Lab Technologist Officer for Engineering, Mr Rahmat Bin Alias
    • OSHE Safety & Health Manager for Engineering, Mr Chen Chih Hui Gabriel

  9. Accident and Incident reporting
  10. All accidents and incidents are to be reported to OSHE via the online reporting system. OSHE will then disseminate the information to the respective Faculty Safety Officers / Committee.