Multi-channel iTubot-BAT

Objective The overall objective of this project is to develop and evaluate the key technologies of Transnasal Artificial Tentacles, a new approach involving research on the tentacle-like robotic and sensing technologies. This is aiming to create a compliant, flexible, multiple-sensorized, immersive, intraoperative targeting and guidance system for constrained transnasal endoscopic surgeries in a confined workspace. Minimally invasive surgery-based nasopharyngeal cancer … Continue reading

BIOROB2016 Workshop in Surgical Robotics

BIOROB 2016 workshop in surgical robotics Organizing Chairs: Hongliang Ren (Singapore), Kevin Cleary (USA) Themes Image-Guided Therapy Interventional Devices Human-in-the-loop System Computer-Assisted Surgery Multi-modal sensor fusion Human-Robot Interactions Soft Robotics in Surgery Artificial Intelligence in Robotic Surgery Date: June 26 (Sunday), 9:30 AM ~ 5:30 PM (BIOROB2016 Program[.pdf]) Morning session: 09:30-12:30 (with 30 minutes for each talk and one coffee break) … Continue reading

Tele-Operation and Active Visual Servoing of a Compact Portable Continuum Tubular Robot

Demo Videos – tele-operation, visual servoing and hybrid control (Summery) – EIH VS in free space – EIH VS inside a skull model – Eye-to-hand Visual Servoing Project goals Trans-orifice minimally invasive procedures have received more and more attention because of the advantages of lower infection risks, minimal scarring and shorter recovery time. Due to the ability of retaining force … Continue reading

Simultaneous Hand-Eye, Tool-Flange and Robot-Robot Calibration for Co-manipulators by Solving AXB=YCZ Problem

Abstract Multi-robot co-manipulation shows great potential to address the limitations of using single robot in complicated tasks such as robotic surgeries. However, the dynamic setup poses great uncertainties in the circumstances of robotic mobility and unstructured environment. Therefore, the relationships among all the base frames (robot-robot calibration) and the relationships between the end-effectors and the other devices such as cameras (hand-eye calibration) … Continue reading

Useful Checklists/Guides to Improve Research Skills

Useful Checklists/Guides (Selected) How to undertake a literature search and review: for dissertations and final year projects [PDF] Writing the Literature Review / Using the Literature [PDF] Referencing: Why, when and how [PDF] Minor thesis & research report structure [PDF] Features of good reports [PDF] A checklist for effective reports [PDF] Undergraduate research report [PDF] Oral presentations [PDF] Useful Checklists/Guides … Continue reading

BN5209 Neurosensors and Signal Processing AY14/15

BN5209 Neurosensors and Signal Processing Semester 2, 2014/2015 SCHEDULE Time period: 14-Jan-14 To 9-May-14 Lecture Time: Tuesday: 5 pm – 7 pm (E3-06-04) Friday: 5 pm – 7 pm (EA-06-03) Instructors Professor Nitish THAKOR (NT) Assistant Professor Hongliang REN (HR) Invited lecturers Syllabus Week 1: Jan 13,16 Intro to the Course (NT,HR) Intro to Neurosciences (NT) Week 2: Jan 20,23 … Continue reading


This is a local copy of the website: Home-Based Self-Administered Nasopharynscopy Nasopharynscope is a valuable tool in diagnosing Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in patients since 84% of patients display ulcerations. Aim: To provide a home-based, affordable and easy-to-use diagnosing kit for detecting Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Key features of 5th Generation Clear viewing with a specially designed camera lens Secure extension and contraction lock … Continue reading

BN 3101 IVLE Announcements

BN 3101 IVLE Announcements Note: For your convenience, the following announcements are exactly extracted from IVLE and a PDF version is also attached here: IVLEAllAnnouncements.pdf by: Aneel Kumar Maheshwari, 31-Oct-2014 11:19 AM. IVLE: BN3101: BN3101 Director’s Award  Dear students,This award is given to the group that shows that this module has a significant impact in the working relationship of the group and … Continue reading

Industrial flexible manipulators

Note: For teaching purpose, this page is listing related flexible manipulators, which are cited from related websites. An incomplete comparison table FYI ListOfFlexibleManipulators.pdf OC Robotics designs and manufactures snake-arm robots, which are specifically designed to perform remote handling operations in confined and hazardous spaces. OC Robotics has delivered robots for industries spanning – amongst others – nuclear, aerospace, medical and … Continue reading