ICBME 2016 Special Symposium in surgical navigation and robotics

ICBME 2016 Special Symposium on Surgical Robotics and Navigation Symposium Organizing Chairs: Hongliang Ren (Singapore), Etsuko Kobayashi (Japan) Themes Computer-Assisted Surgery Flexible Robotics and navigation in Surgery Artificial Intelligence in Robotic Surgery Date: Dec 7, 2016 U-Town Gallery https://goo.gl/photos/vCNqYfWmD26UF41j7         Speakers and Topics Keynote speaker: SAKUMA, Ichiro, University of Tokyo COMPUTER AIDED SURGERY FOR ASSISTING MINIMALLY INVASIVE THERAPIES Abstract Minimally invasive … Continue reading

BIOROB2016 Workshop in Surgical Robotics

BIOROB 2016 workshop in surgical robotics Organizing Chairs: Hongliang Ren (Singapore), Kevin Cleary (USA) Themes Image-Guided Therapy Interventional Devices Human-in-the-loop System Computer-Assisted Surgery Multi-modal sensor fusion Human-Robot Interactions Soft Robotics in Surgery Artificial Intelligence in Robotic Surgery Date: June 26 (Sunday), 9:30 AM ~ 5:30 PM (BIOROB2016 Program[.pdf]) Morning session: 09:30-12:30 (with 30 minutes for each talk and one coffee break) … Continue reading

Useful Checklists/Guides to Improve Research Skills

Useful Checklists/Guides (Selected) How to undertake a literature search and review: for dissertations and final year projects [PDF] Writing the Literature Review / Using the Literature [PDF] Referencing: Why, when and how [PDF] Minor thesis & research report structure [PDF] Features of good reports [PDF] A checklist for effective reports [PDF] Undergraduate research report [PDF] Oral presentations [PDF] Useful Checklists/Guides … Continue reading

Industrial flexible manipulators

Note: For teaching purpose, this page is listing related flexible manipulators, which are cited from related websites. An incomplete comparison table FYI ListOfFlexibleManipulators.pdf OC Robotics designs and manufactures snake-arm robots, which are specifically designed to perform remote handling operations in confined and hazardous spaces. OC Robotics has delivered robots for industries spanning – amongst others – nuclear, aerospace, medical and … Continue reading