The nano-bio interface is key towards an effective nanomedicine. Research in nanomedicine has not delivered as much as promised as a deep understanding of the nano-bio interface is still lacking, particularly its behavior in blood. Most studies leap directly from cellular in vitro to animal in vivo.

We aim to be the leading group in this field, specifically on the impact of nano-bio interface in colloidal stability, complement activation, hemato-interactions, and rheological behavior of nanoparticles in blood. We will use our basic knowledge gained to develop technology for one-stop predictive evaluation of nanoparticle’s behavior in blood circulation and optimization of nanoparticle targeting to accelerate clinical translation of any nano-related strategies.

Besides basic science, our applied research in probing phosphorylation, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) aims to develop these into a diagnostic test kit to realize the potential commercial application of our research.

Nanomedicine Research Schematic


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