Dr. Michael J.A. Girard




PhD (2003-2009)

Dpt. of Biomedical Engineering,
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA

MSc (1998-2003)

Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering,
Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Lyon, France


Professional Work Experience

Imperial College Junior Research Fellow (2010-2012)

Research Associate (2009-2010)
Dpt. of Bioengineering,
Imperial College London, UK

Research Assistant (2003-2009)
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA
Louisiana State University Eye Center, New Orleans, LA, USA
Devers Eye Institute, Portland, OR, USA


Appointment Status


Assistant Professor




Biomedical Engineering




Office: E2-05-03

Office Tel (+65) 6516 5549
Mobile (+65) 9101 0541


Research Interests

  • Ophthalmic Engineering
  • Translational and in vivo biomechanics in ophthalmology
  • Experimental characterization of soft tissue biomechanics
  • Theoretical and computational modelling of soft tissue biomechanics
  • Optical coherence tomography theory, developments and applications
  • Optical coherence elastography and digital image processing
  • Ophthalmic Devices and Implants

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