LI Jun

  • Professor
  • Deputy Head - Education & Student Life

1995 Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan
1992 M.Sc., Osaka University, Japan
1985 B.Sc., Sichuan University, China

Research Interest

  1. Design of Novel Biodegradable Polymers and Hydrogels
  2. Self-assembly and Nano-Structures of Novel Macromolecular Systems
  3. Applications of Novel Biomaterials for Drug/Gene Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Modules Taught

  • BN3301 Introduction to Biomaterials
  • BN5201 Advanced Biomaterials

Selected Journal Publications

  1. Zhu JL, Yu SWK, Chow PKH, Tong YW, Li J*, Controlling injectability and in vivo stability of thermogelling copolymers for delivery of yttrium-90 through intra-tumoral injection for potential brachytherapy, Biomaterials, 2018, 180, 163-172.
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