Ronen Zaidel Bar






Appointment Status


Assistant Professor




Department of Biomedical Engineering
Mechanobiology Institute




National University of Singapore
Mechanobiology Institute,
T-lab building #05-01, 5A Engineering Drive 1,
Singapore 117411

Tel: +65 6601 1451
Fax: +65 6872 6123



Research Interests

We study the regulation of cell-cell adhesion during morphogenesis and cell migration. We use microscopy in cell cultures and in the model organism C. elegans to address basic questions about how cells connect to and sense their environment, be it a neighboring cell or the surrounding matrix. We are particularly interested in the role forces play in the regulation of cell adhesion and in the interplay between cell adhesion and the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons.







Awards and Honours

NRF fellowship 2010


Membership in Scientific/Professional Organization

ASCB member F1000 contributor


Selected Publications


Zaidel-Bar R., Joyce MJ., Lynch AM., Witte K, Audhya A, Hardin JD. (2010) The F-BAR domain of SRGP-1 facilitates cell-cell adhesion during C. elegans morphogenesis. J Cell Biol 191(4):761-769. ZaidelBar2010c <>


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