Andy TAY Kah Ping

  • Instructor

- Postdoc, Stanford University (On-going)
- PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
- B.Eng. (Biomedical Engineering) First Class Honours, National University of Singapore

Professional Work Experience

Aug-Dec 2017 Endeavour Research Fellow,
University of New South Wales,
Jun-Aug 2017 Summer Scholar,
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Jun 2013-Sep 2014 SMURF Researcher,
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
May-Aug 2012 Student Researcher,
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Research Interest

  1. Magnetic biomaterials
  2. Biophysics of Neurons
  3. Stem cell differentiation

Selected Awards & Honours


  • Travel fellowship, 7th Annual International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation  
  • 8th Distinguished Young Scholars Seminar, University of Washington (*Highest recommendation)
  • Harry M Showman Prize (Commencement Award), UCLA
  • Travel Fellowship, 68th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting
  • Invited Speaker, UCLA Brain Research Institute
  • NUS-Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship, NUS
  • Travel Fellowship, Junior Scientist Workshop on Protein Engineering (Janelia Farm)


  • Research Fellowship, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Sydney
  • Winner of Blog Writing Competition, Micro Control Instruments
  • MRS Bulletin Postdoc Publication Prize, Materials Research Society
  • Travel Fellowship for Journey through Science Day, NYAS and PepsiCo
  • Fellow, ASEAN Science Leadership Program
  • Springer These Prize
  • SciFinder® Future Leaders Program, American Chemical Society
  • Toshihiko Tokizane Memorial Award for Excellent Graduate Study in Neuroscience, Toshihiko Tokizane Brain Research Promotion Fund
  • IBRO-APRC Travel and Short Stay Fellowship, IBRO
  • Summer Internship Scholarship, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
  • Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant, Technical University of Munich
  • Travel Fellowship for Week of International Scientific Young Talents, Universcience
  • Australian Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australia Department of Education
  • Queen’s Young Leader Award, Highly Commended Runner Up


  • Runner Up, UCLA Toyota Next Generation Mobility Challenge
  • Travel Fellowship, Genetic Manipulation of Neuronal Activity IV (Janelia Farm)
  • Top 10 Finalist, Biotech Connection Los Angeles Innovation Prize
  • Helmsley Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Winner Naturejobs Career Expo Writing Competition, Naturejobs
  • Tony Award (2nd Place) Electron Microscopy Image Contest, FEI
  • Travel Fellowship, Global Young Scientist Summit (National Research Foundation)


  • Travel Fellowship, Biology of Ageing Conference (Singapore Immunology Network)
  • Travel Fellowship, Tropical School of Biophotonics


  • Non-Resident Graduate Academic Doctoral Award, UCLA
  • A*STAR Honor List, Agency for Science, Technology and Research
  • Asian-Pacific Medical Device Design Competition First Prize, IFMBE
  • Graduate Student Research Fellowship, UCLA
  • National University of Singapore Overseas Graduate Scholarship, NUS
  • ST Engineering Prize for Global Engineering Program, ST Engineering     
  • Gold Award 8th Scientific Meeting, Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore)            
  • Singapore-MIT Alliance Undergraduate Research Fellowship, MIT        
  • Special Project Award-Project Inclusive, People’s Association Youth Movement


  • 1st prize in Current Affairs Competition, Credit Suisse Project Firefly
  • Undergraduate Research Library Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Engineering Colors Award Bronze, Faculty of Engineering NUS
  • NUS Student Achievement Award (Individual), Office of Student Affairs NUS
  • NUS Student Achievement Award (Group: NUSCSC), Office of Student Affairs NUS

Membership in Scientific/Professional Organizationion

  • Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore)
  • Materials Research Society

Selected Journal Publications

  1. Andy Tay, Sohrabi, A., Poole, K., Seidlitis, S. & Di Carlo, D. (2018). 3D magnetic hyaluronic acid hydrogels for magneto-mechanical stimulation of primary dorsal root ganglion root neurons. Advanced Materials.
  2. Andy Tay, Murray, C. & Di Carlo, D. (2017). Phenotypic selection of Magnetospirillum magneticum (AMB-1) over-producers using magnetic ratcheting. Advanced Functional Materials.
  3. Andy Tay & Di Carlo, D. (2017). Magnetic nanoparticle-based mechanical stimulation for restoration of mechano-sensitive ion channel equilibrium in neuronal networks. Nano Letters.
  4. Andy Tay &Di Carlo, D. (2016). Remote control of neuronal activities using magnetic nanoparticles. Current Medicinal Chemistry.
  5. Andy Tay, Schweizer, F. & Di Carlo, D. Micro- and nano-technologies to probe the mechano-biology of the brain. Lab on a Chip (2016).
  6. Andy Tay, Kunze, A, Jun, D, Hoek, E & Di Carlo, D. The age of cortical neural network affects their interactions with magnetic nanoparticles. Small (2016).
  7. Andy Tay, Kunze, A., Murray, C. & Di Carlo, D. Induction of calcium influx in cortical neural networks by nano-magnetic forces. ACS Nano (2016).

# Authors contributed equally 

Selected Science Communication Publications

  1. Andy Tay. Skills for your next networking adventure. Naturejobs Blog (2016).
  2. Andy Tay. The art of negotiating for a better salary. Naturejobs Blog (2016).
  3. Andy Tay. 5 tips to overcome authorship conflict. Naturejobs Blog (2016).
  4. Andy Tay. Why should we work so hard to make our work reproducible? Naturejobs Blog (2016).
  5. Andy Tay. Life on Earth is used to gravity – so what happens to our cells and tissues in space? The Conversation (2017).
  6. Andy Tay. Learning from rejections. Science (2017).
  7. Andy Tay. Biomedical engineering. Quartzy - The Q Blog (2017).
    *This is a series of article focusing on different branches of biomedical engineering such as tissue and neural engineering to improve public understand of the discipline.
  8. Andy Tay. Exploring science communication. Naturejobs Blog (2017).
  9. Andy Tay. Creative new uses for common lab supplies. Lab Manager (2017).