CHEOW Lih Feng

  • Assistant Professor

2012 PhD, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2006 BSc, Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Cornell University

Research Interest

  1. Single cell analysis
  2. Platforms for spatio-temporal analysis of single cell
  3. Next generation sequencing technologies
  4. Microfluidics systems for diagnosis and therapeutics
  5. Microfluidics technology development

Selected Awards & Honours

  1. Helen Carr Peak Research Prize, MIT, 2011
  2. National Science Scholarship (PhD), A*STAR, 2007
  3. National Science Scholarship (BS), A*STAR, 2002

Selected Journal Publications

Single Cell Analysis

  1. Cheow, L.F., Courtoise, E.T., Tan, Y., Viswanathan, R., Xing, Q., Tan, D.S.W., Robson, P., Loh, Y.-H., Quake, S.R., Burkholder, W.F. (2016) Single cell multimodal profiling reveals cellular epigenetic heterogeneity. Nature Methods. 13: 933-836
  2. Cheow, L.F., Quake, S.R., Burkholder, W.F., and Messerschimdt, D.M. (2015). Multiplexed locus-specific analysis of DNA methylation in single cells. Nature Protocols. 10(4): 619-631
  3. Cheow, L.F., Sarkar, A, Kolitz, S., Lauffenburger, D., and Han, J. (2014). Detecting kinase activities from single cell lysate using concentration-enhanced mobility shift assay. Anal. Chem. 86(15): 7455-7462
  4. Lorthongpanich, C.*, Cheow, L.F.*, Balu, S., Quake, S.R., Knowles, B.B., Burkholder, W.F., Solter, D, and Messerschmidt, D.M. (2013). Single-cell DNA methylation analysis reveals epigenetic chimerism in preimplantation embryos. Science. 341(6150): 1110-1112


  1. Cheow, L.F., Viswanathan, R., Chin, C.S., Jennifer, N., Jones, R.C., Guccione, E., Quake, S.R., and Burkholder, W.F. (2014). Multiplexed analysis of protein-ligand interactions by fluorescence anisotropy in a microfluidic platform. Anal. Chem. 86(19): 9901-9908
  2. Cheow, L.F., Bow, H., and Han, J. (2012). Continuous-flow biomolecule concentration and detection in a slanted nanofilter array. Lab Chip. 12: 4441-4448
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  4. Ko, S.H., Kim, S.J., Cheow, L.F., Li, L.D., Kang, K.H., and Han, J. (2011). Massively parallel concentration device for multiplexed immunoassays. Lab Chip. 11: 1351-1358
  5. Cheow, L.F., Ko, S.H., Kim, S.J., Kang, K.H., and Han, J. (2010). Increasing the sensitivity of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using multiplexed electrokinetic concentrator. Anal. Chem. 82(8): 7086-7093
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