YEOW Chen Hua, Raye

  • Assistant Professor

2010 - 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, BioRobotics Lab, Harvard University
2010 PhD in Bioengineering, National University of Singapore
2006 B.Eng (2nd Upper Class Honours) in Bioengineering
National University of Singapore

Research Interest

  • Soft Robotics
  • Bioinspired Robotics
  • Wearable Rehabilitation Robotics


  • Co-founder, Roceso Technologies
  • Co-founder, Emosis

Selected Awards & Honours

  1. Silver Award. ‘Soft Robotic Sock’. Emedic Global 2017
  2. Technical Challenge Award. ‘Soft Robotic Nerve Gripper System’. Emedic Global 2017
  3. Best Conference Paper Award. ‘Design and Fabrication of a Pneumatic Soft Robotic Gripper for Delicate Surgical Manipulation’. IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (IEEE ICMA) 2017
  4. Applied Research Award. ‘EsoGlove’. IES Prestigious Engineering Awards 2017
  5. Young Creator Award. ‘Soft Robotic Sock’. IES Prestigious Engineering Awards 2017
  6. Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (OUR) Prize. ‘Air Propulsion Soft Robotics’. 2017
  7. High Achievement Award. ‘Soft‐Robotics‐Based ExoGlove for Assistive Application’. FoE 31st Innovation & Research Award 2017
  8. Gold Award. ‘EsoGloveX’. ICBME BES-SEC Student Design Competition 2016
  9. 1st  Place. Soft Robotic Snake ‘Asha’. ASME Student Mechanism and obot Design Competition 2016
  10. Silver Award. ‘EsoGlove’, Emedic Global 2016
  11. Grand Prize. ‘Team EsoGlove’, Bio-ideate Asia-Pacific Biohack Competition 2016
  12. Poster Design Award (2nd Runner Up), ‘Remote control of soft robotic exoskeleton for patients with impaired hand functions’. BME Showcase 2016.
  13. Poster Design Award (2nd Runner Up). ‘3D-Printed Soft Robotic Brace for Wrist Rehabilitation’. BME Showcase 2016.
  14. FoE 30th Innovation & Research Award (2016) - Merit Award. “Remote Control of Soft Robotic Exoskeleton for Patients with Impaired Hand Functions”
  15. 6th place (Terrestrial Race), Soft Robotic Snake ‘Asha’, RoboSoft Grand Challenge 2016
  16. Best Oral Presentation - Runner Up. ‘Soft Robotic Glove’. NGS 8th Annual Symposium 2016
  17. Top 10 Under-35 Innovators (Asia) Award. ‘Soft Wearable Robots’. MIT Technology Review 2016
  18. Yamaguchi Medal (Gait and Kinesiology) for Young Promising Researchers. ‘Soft Wearable Robots’. Asia-Pacific Biomechanics Conference 2015.
  19. Client-Focused Award. ‘DragonSox: The Ultimate Robotic Ankle Device for Rehabilitation’. Asia Pacific Assistive, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Technologies Challenge 2015.
  20. Functionality Award. ‘Soft Wearable Glove for Hand Rehabilitation and Assistive Applications’. Asia Pacific Assistive, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Technologies Challenge 2015.
  21. Crowd-Voting Award. ‘Soft Wearable Glove for Hand Rehabilitation and Assistive Applications’. Asia Pacific Assistive, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Technologies Challenge 2015.
  22. Best Paper Award (3rd). ‘Redistribution of Peak Plantar Pressure with Pneumatic Actuators’. Design for Medical Devices Conference (Europe) 2014.
  23. Best Interactive Demo Award (1st). ‘Customizable Pneumatic Bending Actuator for Finger Rehabilitation’. Design for Medical Devices Conference (Europe) 2014.
  24. NUS Young Investigator Award. ‘Soft Surgical Robotics for Nerve Repair Surgeries’. 2014
  25. Merit Award. ‘Soft Sensors for Shape-shifting Insoles’. FoE 28th Innovation & Research Award 2014
  26. Bronze Medal Award (Postgraduate Category). ‘Design and Characterization of Soft Bending Actuator for Rehabilitation Application’ Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore) 8th Scientific Meeting 2014.
  27. Best Paper Award (1st Runner Up). ‘Soft Pneumatic Gripper Device’. Design for Medical Devices Conference (Europe) 2013.

Membership in Scientific/Professional Organization

  • Executive Member, Biomedical Engineering Society, Singapore
  • Chair, Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter, Singapore

Selected Journal Publications

  1. T.H. Koh, Z.Y. Cheng, H.K. Yap, C.H. Yeow*. Design of a Soft Robotic Elbow Sleeve with Passive and Intent-controlled Actuation. Frontiers in Neuroscience 2017. [Accepted].
  2. W.K. Ang, C.H. Yeow*. A Novel Fold-Based Design Approach towards Printable Soft Robotics using Flexible 3D Printing Materials. Advanced Materials Technologies 2017. [Accepted]
  3. H.K. Yap, F. Nasrallah, J.H. Lim, C.H. Yeow*. Design and Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Function Assistance in Stroke Survivors. Frontiers in Neuroscience 2017. [Accepted].
  4. Y. Sun, H.K. Yap, X.Q. Liang, J. Guo, P. Qi, M.H. Ang. Jr, C.H. Yeow*. Stiffness Customization and Patterning for the Property Modulation of Silicone-Based Soft Pneumatic Actuators. Soft Robotics 2017. [Accepted]; #1 Journal in Robotics (JCR 2015)
  5. H.K. Yap, P.M. Khin, T.H. Koh, Y. Sun, X.Q. Liang, J.H. Lim, C.H. Yeow*. A Fully Fabric-Based Bidirectional Soft Robotic Glove for Assistance and Rehabilitation of Hand Impaired Patients, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2017.
  6. J.H. Low, P.M. Khin, W.W. Lee, N. Thakor, S.L. Kukreja, H.L. Ren, C.H. Yeow*. A Hybrid Tele-manipulation System using a Sensorized 3D-printed Soft Robotic Gripper and a Soft Fabric-Based Haptic Glove, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2017.
  7. Y. Sun, X.Q. Liang, H.K. Yap, J.W. Cao, M.H. Ang Jr, C.H. Yeow*. Force Measurement towards the Instability Theory of Soft Pneumatic Actuators, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2017.               
  8. H.K. Yap, N. Kamaldin, F. Nasrallah, J.H. Lim, J.C.H. Goh, C.H. Yeow*. A Magnetic Resonance Compatible Soft Wearable Robotic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation and Brain Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 2016. #3 Journal in Rehabilitation (JCR 2014)
  9. H.K. Yap, H.Y. Ng, C.H. Yeow*. High-Force Soft Printable Pneumatics for Soft Robotic Applications, Soft Robotics 2016. #1 Journal in Robotics (JCR 2015)
  10. J.C. Yeo, H.K. Yap, W. Xi, Z. Wang, C.H. Yeow*, C.T. Lim*. Flexible and stretchable strain sensing actuator for wearable soft robotics application, Advanced Materials Technologies 2016.