To facilitate research in Biomedical Engineering, the Department has set up a Biomedical Engineering & Nanobioengineering Corridor and the new Biomedical Engineering Cluster using a multi-disciplinary joint-laboratory concept and to bring the various Biomedical Engineering research groups under one roof. The aim is to develop core competencies in Biomedical Engineering and to facilitate exchange of ideas among the various research groups, not only within but also outside of the University and in the process, foster multi-disciplinary teaching, learning and research.

A number of sophisticated state of the art instruments and facilities are housed in these labs giving the department an edge to carry out frontline research. The lab concept includes shared common facilities with easy access for researchers, thus adding to the vibrant research environment at the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The wide array of facilities and specialised staff available allow students to pursue and be exposed to their chosen area of research.

Laboratories at Block E3A

- BSL2 lab, #07-03 
In-Charge: Ms Cheng Ziyuan, bieczy@nus.edu.sg

- Common Equipment Room, #07-07
In-Charge: Ms Cheng Ziyuan, bieczy@nus.edu.sg

- Wet Teaching Lab , #07-15
In-Charge: Mr Yeo Kun Song, bieyks@nus.edu.sg

Laboratories at Block E3

Design Studio, #05-05 
In-Charge: Mr Muhammed Abdurrahiem bin Abduli, biemaa@nus.edu.sg

Dry Teaching Lab, #05-06
In-Charge: Mr Muhammed Abdurrahiem bin Abduli, biemaa@nus.edu.sg

Laboratories at Block E1A

Motion Analysis Lab, #01-05 
In-Charge: Mr Yeo Kun Song, bieyks@nus.edu.sg